Electric UTVs With Dump Bed

Welcome to the exciting world of Electric UTVs with Dump Beds, where innovation, sustainability, and adventure intersect. As a seasoned enthusiast and advocate for eco-friendly transportation, I am thrilled to guide you through the intricacies and wonders of these remarkable vehicles. In this article, we’ll delve into the multifaceted realm of electric utility task vehicles, exploring their transformative impact on both personal mobility and utility applications. Utility UTVs are versatile and robust vehicles designed for a range of tasks and terrains, while electric UTVs offer a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative, harnessing electric power for efficient and quiet operation.

We begin by uncovering the myriad benefits of Electric UTVs, highlighting how they stand as a testament to environmental consciousness without compromising on performance. Then, we will explore the diverse array of models available in the market, each with its unique features and capabilities. Our journey continues with a deep dive into the specifications of each model, offering a comprehensive understanding of what makes these vehicles both efficient and exceptional. Finally, we’ll examine the distinctive features that set Electric UTVs with Dump Beds apart from their traditional counterparts, emphasizing their quiet operation, robust design, and minimal environmental footprint.

Join me in this exploration to discover how Electric UTVs with Dump Beds are not just a leap forward in utility vehicle design but a stride towards a more sustainable and exhilarating future in transportation and adventure.

Benefits of Electric UTVs

Benefits of Electric UTVs

Having engaged with UTVs for years, I’ve intimately witnessed the metamorphosis of these vehicles. My recent pivot to Electric Utility Task Vehicles was initially greeted with raised eyebrows from fellow enthusiasts. Still, this decision was shaped by the larger global momentum towards eco-conscious mobility. Cruising through the rugged landscapes of Knolls OHV Area in Utah, the merits of my electric UTV shone brightly.

The near-silence of the vehicle was a profound departure from the customary growl of gasoline engines. This curtailed auditory disturbances and facilitated a deeper connection with the tranquil majesty of Utah’s wilderness. The green footprint of my conveyance added an extra layer of satisfaction. The knowledge that my environmental impact was minimal as I navigated the pathways infused my rides with a deeper sense of stewardship and commitment.

From a fiscal perspective, even though the initial outlay for my electric UTV was higher, the subsequent jaunts underscored its economic viability. The diminished need for upkeep, attributed to a streamlined mechanical design and the windfall from eschewing gasoline, has begun compensating for the preliminary expenses. As for its prowess on the trail? Simply unparalleled. The uniform torque output ensured that my drives were buttery smooth, and with cutting-edge battery innovations at my disposal, longer excursions without fretting over power replenishment became a reality.

“Higher voltage LFP batteries have been adopted in the EV market as they offer better performance and lower costs” Electric All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Utility-Terrain Vehicle (UTV), and Golf Cart Market.

One of the most salient benefits has been the diminished reliance on gasoline. No longer bound by impromptu visits to fuel stations during my Utah escapades or tethered by the whims of volatile fuel markets, the burgeoning network of charging stations, even in remote terrains, has rendered my adventures effortless.

List of Best Electric UTVs With Dump Bed

Ranger XP Kinetic Ultimate

Ranger XP Kinetic Ultimate

The Ranger XP Kinetic Ultimate emerges as the pinnacle of contemporary UTV engineering. Fueled by a robust 110 HP engine, this machine guarantees unmatched prowess across diverse landscapes. Crafted for multifaceted use, it seamlessly seats up to three individuals, positioning it as an ideal choice for occupational tasks and recreational outings. Its 14″ ground elevation ensures effortless passage over hindrances, while the avant-garde kinetic energy recovery system augments operational efficiency. Internally, the UTV boasts ergonomically designed seating and a user-friendly dashboard, epitomizing a synergy of relaxation and practicality. Embellished with forefront safety innovations and a rugged structural design, the Ranger XP Kinetic Ultimate delineates a fresh benchmark in UTV sophistication.

“In September 2021, Polaris had unveiled plans to debut an all-new 2022 electric RANGER utility side-by-side in late December 2021 to advance the company’s strategic rEV’d up electrification strategy.” All Electric UTV Market Size and Forecast by Verified Market Research.

Ranger XP Kinetic Ultimate Specifications:

Battery SystemLithium Ion, 14.9 kWh Nominal
CoolingActive Air and Liquid
Drive System TypeHigh Performance On-Demand True AWD/2WD/VersaTrac Turf Mode
Engine Braking System (EBS)Regenerative Braking
Horsepower110 HP
Motor TypeInternal Permanent Magnet AC Motor
Torque140 LB-FT
Transmission/Final DriveGates Synchronous Belt H/L/N/P (Electronic Forward/Reverse), Shaft
Bed Box Dimensions (L x W x H)36.75 x 54.25 x 12.5 in (93.3 x 137.8 x 31.75 cm)
Box Capacity1,250 lb (567 kg)
Estimated Dry Weight1,754 lbs. (796 kg)
Ground Clearance14 in (35.6 cm)
Hitch Towing Rating2,500 lb (1,134 kg)
Hitch TypeStandard 2 in (5 cm) Receiver
Overall Vehicle Size (L x W x H)120 x 62.5 x 78 in (305 x 158 x 198 cm)
Payload Capacity1,500 lbs (680.4 kg)
Person Capacity3
Wheelbase81 in (206 cm)
Front/Rear Brakes4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc with Dual-Bore Front Calipers
Parking BrakePark In-Transmission

Hisun Electric Sector E1

Hisun Electric Sector E1

The Hisun Electric Sector E1 embodies the next generation in utility task vehicles, harmoniously merging potent performance with eco-conscious designs. Central to this avant-garde UTV is its formidable 48-volt motor, exuding a compelling 30 HP. Beyond mere horsepower, the Sector E1 flaunts an astounding torque exceeding 220 ft. lbs., guaranteeing the requisite traction and thrust for diverse challenges and terrains.

A hallmark trait of the Hisun Electric Sector E1 is its exceptional energy efficiency. Upon a singular charge, this vehicle pledges a travel distance of up to 42 miles, enabling operators to journey farther and operate extendedly without incessant recharging interruptions. Such expansive autonomy suits prolonged agricultural engagements, exhilarating trail explorations, or extensive industrial tasks.

The lifeblood of this electric titan is its low-maintenance Discover Dry Cell Battery. This cutting-edge energy reservoir guarantees a protracted operational span and is a beacon of durability and trustworthiness. Leveraging dry cell technology, the battery simplifies upkeep, bestowing operators with tranquility and curtailing the total cost of ownership.


Engine TypeAC Induction
Battery Voltage48
Battery TypeDiscover™ Dry Cell
Battery Capacity2080 Amp/Hours
Charge Time6 – 10 hours
Charging System1.2 kW
Torque (ft. lbs.)220
Drive System2WD / 4WD
Locking DifferentialFront
Final DriveDirect
Range> 42 Miles*
Front SuspensionDual A-Arm
Rear SuspensionDual A-Arm
ShocksHydraulic W/ Nitrogen Assist
Front / Rear BrakesHydraulic Disc
Parking BrakeMechanical
Front Tires27 x 9-14
Rear Tires27 x 11-14
Overall Vehicle (L x W x H)110″ x 62″ x 73″
Wheel Base72.5″
Cargo Bed Dimensions (L x W x H)30″ x 41″ x 11″
Cargo Bed Dump TypeGas Assist
Cargo Bed Capacity500 LBS
Person Capacity2
Empty Vehicle Weight Rating2,061 LBS
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating2,764 LBS
Tow Rating1,500 LBS
Ground Clearance11″

Volcon Stag

Volcon Stag

The Volcon Stag epitomizes the harmonious blend of state-of-the-art technology with resilient performance capabilities. Tailored for the contemporary trailblazer, this vehicle extends beyond a mere off-road dynamo; it stands as a beacon of technological innovation, promising riders an unparalleled dual-faceted experience.

A signature facet of the Volcon Stag is its integration with the bespoke Volcon app. This in-house software refines the riding odyssey by directly referring instantaneous metrics, trail analytics, and intricate vehicle diagnostics to the rider. Whether charting new pathways or vigilantly overseeing your vehicle’s wellness, the Volcon app is a digital companion, ensuring perpetual connectivity and enlightenment.

Yet, the innovation spectrum of the Volcon Stag extends further. This trail titan incorporates avant-garde camera systems, empowering riders to immortalize their escapades in vivid granularity. Be it while maneuvering arduous landscapes or indulging in a tranquil forested sojourn, the embedded cameras immortalize every fleeting instance. Beyond augmenting the adventure, this functionality offers a lens for introspection for enthusiasts keen on honing their riding finesse.

The sophisticated display panels adorning the Volcon Stag underscore its technological acumen. Projecting pristine imagery, these panels relay a gamut of pivotal rider metrics, from velocity and energy reserves to intuitive navigation and performance indices. Such an interactive dashboard ensures that, even amidst the most formidable terrains, riders remain equipped with dynamic data to guide their journey astutely.


Horsepower125 / above 140 hp*
Torque265 lb-ft
Rangeabove 100 miles
Motor107 kW
Top Speed80 mph
Battery42 kWh
Charge Timeless than 6 hours**
Wheel Base121″
Vehicle Width64″
Bed Volume13.4 / 26.7*** cu-ft
Payload1,550 lbs
Capacity (People)4
Drivetrain4WD on demand

Tracker Off-Road EV

Tracker Off-Road EV

The Tracker Off-Road EV transcends the conventional vehicle paradigm, serving as an emblem of dedication to eco-conscious innovation without skimping on dynamic performance. Tailored to cater to both professional demands and recreational pursuits, this off-road juggernaut is engineered to navigate diverse landscapes while epitomizing environmental stewardship.

A hallmark attribute of the Ox EV is its commendable UP TO 60 MILE RANGE. Whether immersed in an exhaustive work routine or charting new trails, the vehicle pledges a versatile range spanning 36 to 60 miles, contingent on operational conditions. Such expansive autonomy eliminates frequent recharge pauses, rendering your expeditions or tasks seamlessly continuous.

Propelling this off-road titan is the Maintenance-free Lithium Power, ensuring users relish extended mobility with diminished maintenance intervals. When revitalization beckons, the brisk 6-hour recharge cycle ensures minimal downtime, promptly prepping you for the next trail exploration or work assignment.

However, the virtues of the Ox EV aren’t solely confined to potency and endurance. Its Treads Lightly initiative embodies eco-friendly vehicular dynamics. This ethos dovetails with a meticulously calibrated, elevated suspension system, guaranteeing a fluid transit even across the most challenging topographies. Integrating a Limited Slip Differential further amplifies its terrain-conquering prowess, instilling greater traction and navigational confidence across varied landscapes.

Security and assurance are integral to the Ox EV’s offering. Each unit is complemented by a 5-year Limited Battery Warranty, underlining the vehicle’s robustness and the brand’s unwavering resolve to ensure prolonged and reliable performance.


Charger900W Delta Q RC900 – Onboard Rapid Charger
Batteries (Qty/Type)Gen 2 Samsung Lithium 4850 Composite Module + Cell Module (Twin Pack)
Electrical SystemStarter/Generator — Solid State Regulator
Gear SelectionForward-Reverse
Key Or Pedal StartPedal
Power Source48V AC Induction
Parking BrakeAutomatic Engaging Electromagnetic Motor Brake
Service Brake2-Wheel Mechanical Drum, Self-Adjusting
SuspensionLeaf Springs with Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
Tires23 x 10 – 14 (4 Ply Rated)
Bed Load Capacity500 lbs.
Curb Weight1009 lbs.
Seating Capacity2 persons
Speed (Level Ground)16.5 mph ± 0.5 mph
Towing Capacity1200 lbs.
Vehicle Load Capacity900 lbs.

Intimidator Classic EV

Intimidator Classic EV

The Intimidator Classic EV epitomizes the harmonious confluence of time-honored designs with avant-garde technological prowess. True to its moniker, this vehicle reverently nods to the iconic blueprints that have punctuated off-road escapades over the eras. However, encapsulated within its enduring facade is a nexus of contemporary ingenuity, redefining benchmarks for dynamism, thrift, and eco-friendliness within the UTV domain.

Anchoring the Intimidator Classic EV is its pioneering electric drivetrain. This mechanism champions a carbon-neutral footprint, fortifying environmental conservation, and unleashes vigor and torque comparable to, if not transcending their gasoline-powered counterparts. The upshot is an invigorating journey that seamlessly navigates arduous landscapes with aplomb.

The energy reservoir of the Classic EV heralds a transformative phase in battery innovation. Conceived for durability and peak performance, it proffers an enviable travel autonomy, empowering enthusiasts to plunge into protracted excursions sans the trepidation of depleting energy reserves. When rejuvenation beckons, the vehicle’s sophisticated charging architecture guarantees a rapid and proficient replenishment cycle, truncating idle intervals and amplifying your trail engagement.


Frame Material1.5″ x 3″ Powder Coated Fusion-Bonded Solid American Steel Bridge Frame
Body MaterialAutomotive Quality Acrylic Plastic
Front Tires27x9x14 – 6 ply
Rear Tires27x11x14 – 6 ply
Wheels14” Aluminum
Front & Rear SuspensionDual A – Arm Independent
SteeringRack and Pinion
Braking System4 Wheel Hydraulic Disc
Parking System2 Wheel Gear Lock
Seating3 Forward Facing Occupant Bench Seat
Bed DumpManual with Gas Assist
Cargo Bed Space36″ x 56.5″ x 13″
Auxiliary Power12 Volt Auxiliary Plug
Hitch2” Rear Receiver Standard
Engine30 Peak HP 48 Volt AC Electric
Speed23 MPH (varies due to terrain and weight)
Frame Clearance12”
Suspension Travel10” Total Suspension Travel
Curb Weight2,069 lb
GVWR3,300 lb
Cargo Bed Capacity700 lb
Vehicle Payload1,200 lb
Towing Capacity1,500 lb

Comparison of Electric UTVs with Dump Bed Models

ModelBattery CapacityRangeHorsepowerCargo Bed CapacityTowing CapacityPrice
Ranger XP Kinetic Ultimate29.8 KWh130 km110 horsepower1,250 lb (567 kg)1,134 kg$37,499
Hisun Electric Sector E12080 Amp/Hours> 42 Miles30500 LBS1,500 LBS$13,199
Volcon Stag42 kWhover 100 miles125 hp1,550 lbs2,000 lbs$39,999
TRACKER OFF ROAD Ox EV11.1 kWhup to 60 miles14.9 hp500-LB1,200 lb$12,999
Intimidator Classic EVN/Aup to 80 miles30 hp1,200 pounds1,500 lbs$19,199

Features of Electric UTVs with Dump Bed

Features of Electric UTVs with Dump Bed

Electric Utility Task Vehicles with dump beds mark a pivotal advancement in the off-road vehicle sector, seamlessly blending the merits of electric propulsion with a utilitarian design ethos. These vehicles transcend mere transportation; they’re engineered for proficient, sustainable task execution with a minimal environmental footprint.

Eco-centric Propulsion: Central to every electric UTV is its environmentally benign power unit. Contrasting with their gasoline-fueled counterparts, electric variants emit no pollutants. This translates to a substantial dip in carbon emissions, positioning them as a prime choice for eco-aware users. Furthermore, the lack of exhaust emissions engenders a more pristine and agreeable operational ambiance, particularly within confined spaces or ecologically delicate zones.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: A salient characteristic of electric UTVs is their hushed performance. This tranquility not only diminishes auditory interference but also elevates the user’s engagement. Be it tending to a tranquil agricultural setting, navigating pristine wilderness, or functioning in acoustically sensitive locales, the muted operation ensures minimal disruption.

Robust Dump Bed Feature: Incorporating a dump bed accentuates the pragmatic facet of these vehicles. Tailored for strenuous endeavors, the dump bed is adept at accommodating an array from agricultural yields and building supplies to outdoor recreational equipment. Certain cutting-edge iterations even boast hydraulic or electrically-assisted dump functionalities, streamlining the offloading chore.

Steadfast Torque Dispensation: Electric drivetrains are renowned for their unwavering torque output. This implies that electric UTVs proffer seamless and instantaneous thrust, vouching for peak performance even when burdened. Be it surmounting inclines or ferrying hefty loads, the unerring power delivery assures a dependable voyage.

Protracted Autonomy and Expedited Charging: Battery technological strides have endowed electric UTVs with remarkable operational spans, enabling users to deploy them for elongated durations sans recharging interventions. When revitalization is requisite, swift charging proficiencies in numerous models guarantee a minimal turnaround.

Minimalistic Maintenance: By their intrinsic design, electric UTVs encompass fewer mechanical components compared to their gasoline-driven peers. This leads to diminished maintenance requisites, rarer malfunctions, and more economical long-term stewardship. The nonexistence of oil servicing, fuel filtration, and exhaust configurations further declutters the maintenance regimen.


As we conclude this comprehensive exploration of Electric UTVs with Dump Beds, it’s evident that these vehicles are more than just a technological innovation; they are a testament to the evolving ethos of sustainable and efficient transportation. Throughout this article, we’ve traversed various aspects of Electric UTVs, from the tangible benefits they offer, such as reduced environmental impact and quieter operation, to a detailed examination of the best models available in the market, each bringing its unique blend of features and capabilities.

We’ve delved deep into the specifications of each Electric UTV model, offering insights into their performance, durability, and design. In doing so, we’ve painted a picture of a future where utility vehicles not only meet our practical needs but also align with our environmental responsibilities. The comparison of different Electric UTVs with Dump Bed models has highlighted the diversity within this niche, catering to a wide range of preferences and requirements.

Moreover, we’ve underscored the exceptional features of Electric UTVs with Dump Beds, particularly their eco-centric propulsion, robust dump bed design, steadfast torque dispensation, and the convenience of minimal maintenance. These attributes collectively position Electric UTVs as a prime choice for those seeking a blend of utility and eco-friendliness.

Reflecting on my journey, from the rugged landscapes of the Knolls OHV Area in Utah to the broader global shift towards eco-conscious mobility, I am heartened by the progress and potential of Electric UTVs. Their ability to offer a thrilling yet environmentally considerate off-roading experience encapsulates the spirit of innovation and stewardship that drives us forward.

FAQ About Best Electric UTVs with Dump Beds

How long can I drive an Electric UTV before needing a recharge?

The range of an Electric UTV varies based on the model, battery capacity, and usage conditions. On average, many electric UTVs offer a range of 40-100 miles on a single charge.

How does the performance of an Electric UTV compare to a gasoline-powered UTV?

Electric UTVs offer consistent torque delivery, ensuring smooth and immediate acceleration. While top speeds might be comparable, electric UTVs often excel in terms of acceleration and low-end torque.

Can I use my Electric UTV in wet conditions?

Most Electric UTVs are designed to handle various terrains, including wet conditions. However, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure the vehicle’s electrical components are well-protected.

Are there any incentives or tax breaks for purchasing an Electric UTV?

Some regions offer incentives or tax breaks for electric vehicles, including UTVs. It’s advisable to check local regulations and policies to see if such benefits apply.

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