Best UTV Tires 2024

At the heart of this performance is a component that often gets overlooked: the UTV tires. These aren’t just regular tires. They are specially designed marvels engineered to offer maximum grip, durability, and adaptability. The best UTV tires are expected to navigate seamlessly through muddy swamps, sandy dunes, rocky mountains, and snowy landscapes. They are the main point of contact between the machine and the unpredictable ground below. They play a pivotal role in ensuring the vehicle’s efficiency and the safety of its occupants. The variety of UTV tires available today shows how technology and understanding of these adventure vehicles’ needs have evolved. Each tire is tailored for specific terrains and conditions. 

Tusk Terrabite Tires

Best for Multi-Terrain Use

Top Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars 

201 ratings | 26 answered questions

The Tusk Terrabite tire has quickly become a favorite among off-roading enthusiasts. This is especially true among those in the UTV community. There are many reasons why. The Terrabite is designed for the unpredictable world of off-road terrain. Its aggressive tread pattern offers impressive grip on many surfaces. It works on rocky mountain trails, sandy deserts, and muddy woodlands.


Size25×8-12 / 25×10-12 26×9-14 / 26×11-1427×9-12 / 27×11-1227×9-14 / 27×11-1428×10-1429×9-14 / 29×11-1430×10-1430×10-1531×10-1431×10-1532×10-1432×10-1533×10-1433×10-1534×10-15
Rim Size12 Inches
Section Width10 Inches
Speed RatingM
Load Index60
Load Capacity551 Pounds
Tread TypeNon-Directional
Tread Depth0.75 Inches
Tusk Terrabite

The highlight of Tusk Terrabite Tires: Good Quality Tires, all-terrain tires with an 8ply rating.

Helpful Review: “Tires made a big difference in the ride. Had rip saw on a 2020 polaris NorthStar ranger rode very bad and they didn’t hold up. These seem to be a better ride for the riding we do. 8 ply rating should hold up better in the rocks.”

Watson bear

Reassuring review: “I ride the mountains in Arizona. In a rocky environment it very important to have good tires when your hours from the nearest road. In 5 years I’ve never had a flat with theses 8ply tires. Several times I have rescued other riders with standard tires. Well worth every penny.”


Trending review: “Installed them on my 2016 Polaris ranger 900xp eps , mine is a street legal UTV and driven on road, gravel , mud rock . tires are great did take too much to balance them , has far less roll resistance than most utv tires, track straight on asphalt and gravel roads , have a friend that has a LOT of miles on his and no wear at all”


Valuable Insight: “Aramid belting had my interest along with the ply rating. After having these mounted on my Pioneer 700-4 for several months now; I am amazingly impressed. Excellent durability and confidence. I mounted the 27″ diameter tires which is also wider for rim protection. No noticeable issues with the larger tire diameter and 700cc motor. I have had these on the turf as well as on asphalt and see no wear ( unlike the stock tires ). The tread pattern makes for a very smooth and quiet ride MUCH better than stock. The ride difference felt as if I had installed new shocks. Ultra smooth. Plenty of traction. No disappointments so far. I am hopeful that they will weather well without cracking, time will tell. I do keep my SXS in the shop out of the weather so I expect long durability from weathering.”


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SuperATV XT Warrior Tire

Best for Muddy Terrains

4.4 out of 5 stars

49 ratings | 18 answered questions

One of the standout features of the SuperATV XT Warrior is its unique tread pattern. The XT Warrior’s tread is unlike that of standard designs. It is made from a blend of natural and synthetic rubbers. This blend is optimized to offer a harmonious balance between grip and durability. This tire ensures relentless traction. It works on a muddy trail after a torrential downpour or a parched desert landscape. It minimizes slips and skids.

Rim Size15 Inches
Section Width10 Inches
Tread Depth1 Inch
Tread TypeNon-Directional
Ply Rating8-Ply
Item Diameter35 Inches
Item Weight58 Pounds
SuperATV XT Warrior Off Road Tire

Highlight: Great for mud and sandy terrains, but no bouncing or vibrations.

Informative Review: “Ordered standard and they are still soft and grib really well.”

Amazon Customer

Reassuring Review: “I have been beating the heck out of these tires and they are holding up like rockstars! Best tires Ive ever ridden, will 100% be buying another set when they wear out!”

Joseph S

Trending Review: “Got the 35’s for Moab and they were Amazing at 8psi. I did not choose the sticky compound because we make a loop through Colorado also. They are crazy soft compound for being regular. Tread life is not good, but did not purchase for that. Will only use in UT. Will get 32’s for everyday use “KRX”. They did really good on pavement at 45mph, no bouncing or vibrations. It went up and over everything.”

Michael H

Helpful Review: “XT Warrior sticky compound great in Moab
Great sticky tire. These tires are not high speed tires…34×10-14 xt
I drove them on the asphalt at 15 psi and at 6 psi on poison spider in Moab. The tires will rub on a xp1000 with super atv 1.5 inch forward arms at full articulation. They don’t rub at all at 6psi.
The tire bites well in the sand and mud and feels like glue on the rocks in Moab. The big tires are a large rolling mass and super fun in the rocks. They are going to bounce at higher speeds on the road which is what I expected from a large tire.

The tires are going to wear faster but to me worth every penny to stick to the rocks.”

Brad F

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Best for Wet Surfaces

4.6 out of 5 stars

287 ratings | 50 answered questions

The world of UTV tires is vast, with many contenders vying for the top spot. However, the MASSFX MS series deserves a notable mention. It blends innovative design with steadfast performance. The MASSFX MS series caters to adrenaline junkies and everyday off-roaders. It is designed for both. It is the result of research. It uses cutting-edge technology. It is based on a genuine understanding of what riders truly need.

Rim Size12 Inches
Section Width9 Inches
Tire Aspect Ratio55
Load Capacity410 Pounds
Tread Depth0.5 Inches
Tread TypeDirectional
Ply Rating6-Ply

The highlight of MASSFX MS: Good value for that money; some users’ feedback says they are only for wet terrain, not climbing.

Valuable Insight: “These tires were just what I needed for my Polaris ranger 700
I use it on the farm and these tires gave a more comfortable ride than the Carlisle‘s that were on there before and at a great price”

Farm Life

Reassuring review: “Installed a set of 26x9s and 26x10s on my Honda Pioneer 500 about a year ago and so far they are holding up great. They handled all the trail conditions thru out the summer ,fall and this winter. Some of the trails involve paved roads and the ride is not harsh at all. I’m not climbing mountains but for dry,wet and mud trail conditions these suit me just fine.”


Helpful Review: “I own and operate an outfitting business and my guides love these tires, this is my second set and for the value – price and durability – I don’t need to shop around, I will have these on all my UTV’s before long.”


Trending Review: “Handle good on hard pack, and do well in mud. They measure true to size, a little over to be exact. Only complaint is they are a little hard to mount. They are pretty stiff and packed tight during shipping. I’d buy them again though!”


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SunF A033 “Power I” Tires

Best for Farm Use

4.6 out of 5 stars

345 ratings | 50 answered questions

Venturing into the world of off-road adventures requires equipment. The equipment must withstand the challenges it faces. Enter the SunF A033 “Power I” Tires. The name has quickly gained traction in the off-roading community. This is deserved. These tires are synonymous with reliability and high performance. They encapsulate the essence of what passionate riders seek on their off-road escapades.

Rim Size12 Inches
Section Width10 Inches
Load Index45
Speed RatingJ
Tread Depth17 Millimeters
Ply Rating6-Ply
Tire Diameter25 Inches

Highlight: All-terrain tires with good tread.

Reassuring Review: “I am using the tires on my 2018 Kawasaki Mule FXR and so far very happy with my purchase. The tires work very well in the desert where I live and still need to take up in the high country. and try on different terrains.”

John R.

Helpful Review: “We put these tires on both our side by sides. We use them on a ranch in very rough country. So far, no problems. Holding up well in difficult terrain. They are able to ‘get a grip’ and go on!”

Jane Hale

Valuable Insight: “It seemes to be a solid tire with good tread. I ride on black top a lot with a posit track rear end honda pioneer. The tread holds pretty good.”

Amy spalding

Trending Review: “Very good tire! I bought two so I could replace both fronts on p1000-5. Thought they would be less aggressive than the stock bighorns. O boy was I wrong. They are more aggressive but seem to be better at higher speeds. Not good for aggressive driving in trails.”


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MAXXIS Carnivore

Best for Budget-Conscious Buyers:

4.7 out of 5 stars

66 ratings | 3 answered questions

Off-roading enthusiasts often feel their search for the perfect tire will never end. Every so often, a product comes tantalizingly close to that elusive ideal. The MAXXIS Carnivore is one such tire. It has carved a niche for itself as a titan in the rugged terrains of off-road domains.

Rim Size14 Inches
Section Width10 Inches
Load Index60
Load Capacity551 Pounds
Tread Depth22.23 Millimeters
Ply Rating8-Ply
Rim Width8 Inches
MAXXIS Carnivore

The Highlight: All-terrain tires, good quality, and great fitment.

Reassuring Review: “Run these on our Honda Talon. Talon’s come stock with 28X15X10’s. We went to 32X15X10 when we changed out to these. No clearance issue whatsoever. Does affect gearing some in high range but I still run a lot on steep grades in high. The tires have worn really well. No flats.

We run pretty hard on steep, rocky grades and the tires have held up well. I measured the tread depth and after about 80 hours of hard running they still are 75% tread, and that is with me running less than 10 PSI in the tires. They grip well wet or dry and even when filled with mud they grip really well. I’ll buy another set when these are gone. Love the tire at a fair price.”


Trending Review: “I live in Pennsylvania and ride a lot of state forest trail systems as well as a few other locations that have a wide range of terrain. These vary from light to heavy mud, soft dirt to hard packed roads/trails, light rock crawling, and some asphalt paved roads. This tire has performed excellent on all of these terrains. Excellent traction on your typical Northeastern trail and decent Grip in muddier conditions (deep mud holes will slick the tread over although they clean out pretty quick once you get back on harder terrain) Hard pack conditions are a breeze with this tire, no worries about losing traction when cornering at higher speeds.

When rock crawling the lugs feel like a suction cup when going over larger rocks. The only place this tire is only OK in is on asphalt or any other paved surface. They do fine, but they do give a little bit of feedback in the steering and there is overall less control. Although that is to be expected out of a tire such as this one so therefore I cannot count that against this tire. Go get a DOT approved tire such as the MAXXIS Liberty if you need that. After 2,000 miles these still have at least another 500 miles until I will think about replacing them. When I do, I will without a doubt buy these tires again.”

Jarrett V

Valuable Insight: “Great price, fast shipping, and great customer service. A wonderful upgrade for the Wolverine X2. A lot quieter and smoother while riding around. Went with the 28” tire, no fitment issues. Machine doesn’t seem to be bogged down even with tire / wheel combo from Rocky Mountain.”

John I

Helpful Review: “I really like how the OE Bighorns handle and wear that came on my RZR, but wanted something with a bit more bite and that was an 8-ply. These were designed specifically for the terrain which I drive. I did not want to increase the overall weight too much going up to a 30″ tire from 29″. With the Tusk Teton 14″ 5+2 wheel, and Ride-On installed, my overall weight increase was 44 pounds. The installed height @ 12psi measures around 29-1/4.”

Richard H

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Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire

Best for Sand

4.7 out of 5 stars

121 ratings | 12 answered questions

Off-roading is unpredictable. Every turn, bump, and slide shapes the adventure. It’s like a symphony. Ensuring that this symphony is melodious and not discordant requires equipment. The equipment harmonizes strength with precision. The Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire is one such maestro in this domain. Off-road enthusiasts around the globe have given it accolades and admiration.

Rim Size12
Tire ApplicationAll-Terrain
Tire ConstructionRadial
Tire Ply6
Tire Size26x9x12
Tire TypeATV/UTV
Sedona Rip Saw R/T Radial Tire

The Highlight: Very good design for all terrains, strong and good quality.

Trending Review: “Great traction. 28x10x14 measures 27″ unless you put way more air on than you’d want to run. I run 7 psi rear, 6 front in a heavily loaded RZR S.

Nice sidewall bite, very heavy sidewall. I had one tire at 2psi and it only looked a little low. I rode with it that way for a whole day only because I didn’t think it was that low. I think I could run them flat with my beadlocks if I had to! I put110 miles on them on a first ride at Windrock TN. Did great on wet and dry dirt and rocks. Haven’t had them in real mud yet so can’t comment on that.

Consider this: They are heavy, but I didn’t notice much difference in my tuned 900 rzr. Some commented about wobble on pavement, but I had them to 50 a couple times and they ran smooth. When you mount them, put the yellow balance dot OPPOSITE your valve stem.

I am very happy with them so far.”


Reassuring Review: “Very good tire and tread design for California redwood duff and decomposed sandstone. Which is mostly what I drive on. Tire cuts in deep in soft duff (old tree needles) and does a great job of self cleaning even in sticky mud conditions. Driving up steep grades in decomposed sandstone (crumbly rock and sand) the tire does a great job of maintaining traction with very little slippage or digging.

Do not know how they would handle in shale or granite rock, but does not seem to me to be the best choice due to the low steel belt rating and the large gaps in tread design. Does not handle well on blacktop at speeds over 25mph at all! Still, if driving in soft duff or loamy soil…it would be hard to beet this tire. (My vehicle is a Kawasaki Mule).”

Gaylord Snavely

Valuable Insight: “These tires are great so far. They are a bit more aggressive than stock tires but much stronger, especially in the sidewall area. This is great although I do caution that they shoot up more mud than I expected due to the aggressive nature of the tread. This means I get far more dirt and mud sprayed all over the vehicle and me. I have a side by side and I am still covered. With that said, I do not mind too much.

These work great in rocky terrain which is why I needed stronger tires. The weak 4 ply Carlisle tires that came on my machine went flat and got torn up in rocks all the time but these do not seem to even notice with their 6 ply construction. The only thing I cannot review yet is how long these will last but I assume from the few hundred miles I have done so far, they will last nicely.”


Helpful Review: “Excellent all around tire so far! From mud, rock, and hardtop I’m happy with these tires. Also alittle research showed these tires to be made in Idaho. I’m buying as much U.S. made as possible so I hope my looking was accurate.”

James F

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In reviewing the best UTV tires for 2024, we see that each type has its own benefits, fitting different needs. The Tusk Terrabite Tires are great for many terrains. They work well in various landscapes. The SuperATV XT Warrior Tire is best for muddy areas. It gives a strong grip and lasts in wet, slippery conditions.

The MASSFX MS is the top choice for wet surfaces, keeping you safe and steady in difficult wet areas. For farm use, the SunF A033 “Power I” Tires are perfectly built to handle farm life. If you’re looking to save money, the MAXXIS Carnivore is a good choice. It offers a balance between cost and quality.

The Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire is ideal for those who like to ride on sand. It gives smooth control and stability on sandy grounds. This review highlights the importance of choosing the right tire for your needs. This applies to different landscapes, muddy paths, and wet areas. It also suits farms, staying on a budget, or sand adventures. These options suit every UTV rider’s needs and make their off-road trips better.

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